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ERP Nightmare 07: The Forever Antique System

By Gina Tsao

Talking about operating systems, what is the first one that comes into your mind?

You may all have different answers to that question, but if I ask you what is the most iconic Windows version, Windows XP would probably be your answer.

Although Microsoft discontinued technical and security support for Windows XP in 2014, this outdated OS is still running around the world today. Apparently, there are various reasons for this bizarre phenomenon. In some small companies, it may be a compromise between the lack of budget and slow development.

Interestingly, many companies are forced to continue using Windows XP because of their ERP systems. Some enterprises have owned a customized ERP system due to their special requirements but couldn’t consider the cost of maintaining a system or future updates. And since building a customized database system is an expensive and time-consuming task, it is usually a special project that would close once the project is finished, which means that there would be no new versions unless it is included in the package. (Sadly, it is rare to see.)

So, what is the consequence of not updating? Why does it matter?

The answer is that a one-version-only ERP system could turn the whole device into a time capsule because the system is not compatible with a newer OS. In other words, it can only live in the past environment in which it was born, such as Windows XP or even Windows 2000.

Running an antique system might be acceptable for some small companies. However, for those that want to develop fast and are ambitious in business, it may be difficult to choose between continuing to use the outdated ERP system or building a brand new customized database. Furthermore, a new customized system may work well for a few years, but the same issue would happen again one day. Is there any other alternative that can solve the issue completely?

Well, why not give Ragic a try?

Different from traditional ERP systems, Ragic is a cloud database that can be used whenever your device is connected to the internet and does not need any installation. Users can collaborate on the same Ragic database from computers with different OS or even from different mobile devices. Furthermore, Ragic is well-known for its flexibility in self-customization; every Ragic user has the ability design a database and an ERP system by using various Ragic tools.

It is really easy to build your own database with Ragic! If you know how to use Excel, you have already jumped a big step ahead for using Ragic!

Be up to date with a self-customized & powerful cloud database that works in all OS.

(Ragic also provides On-premises Option for users who want to install the database on their private server. Click here for more information.)

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